Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flawed Mom: Tech Talk

The Moms Talk column is now biweekly. If you have the energy to go the site and start up an electronic conversation, I would be grateful and even further in your debt!

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  1. I just read in this morning's news that blogs may be becoming passe with kids - Twitter's the thing. I remember the day I wanted a "small" notebook computer instead of a laptop because I was carrying it on my back. Now the notebook seems like Land of the Giants! With miniaturizing everything, including language, I wonder what the next generation is teaching us about a changing world. Will the next generations will be sound byters, speaking only in simple sentences? I worry that they'll all sound like marketing gurus, talking in catchy phraseology: Buy now!
    The brain sending bits of info -- giving each other pieces of our mind, but smaller and more of them? Maybe we're moving toward communicating without language altogether.

    Randi C. Friedman, The Open Captioners