Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let them eat...

As much as I love to blog and read other writers' blogs, I have come to the conclusion that blogging is just a stimulating and pleasant hobby that keeps me out of more serious trouble. But occasionally, blogging does lead to something finer. In this case, it led to a lovely graphic to accompany an essay I wrote about my teeth. I originally wrote this essay for New Jersey Life & Leisure, a wonderful, quirky, local magazine that went out of business last year and was edited by my sister-in-law's close friend and blogger ( The magazine closed before the essay was published so I put it on my blog. Now it has new life here in's Summer 2010 issue . Thanks, J., for editing it the first time, thanks to one of my students, M., who introduced me to the joys of peeling the frosting off cupcakes on the West Side and thanks, of course, to Dr. Z., who sold me a bright, shiny new tooth and installed it yesterday morning.

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