Sunday, December 7, 2008

Work it out

In the past few weeks, I've spent a lot of time in the room above our garage, writing, reporting, and praying that a retail story I was working on for the New York Times actually made it into print. It finally did today (

Two weeks before Thanksgiving, I got an assignment from the Times, and went back to being the overworked, underpaid business reporter I was for nine years before we had our kids. I love being a reporter, and this assignment was fun, demanding, exhausting and wonderful, which is I guess what writing, at its best, should be. During the course of those two weeks, my ability to mother our kids was severely compromised: My younger son watched too much You-Tube and did his homework way too quickly, my older son complained that he was too young to being putting himself to bed every night, and my husband grumbled that our crystal wineglasses were breaking, because I was just cramming everything into the dishwasher and running back upstairs to work. We're a few wineglasss short, but we survived.

I also have a story in the winter issue of (, that has nothing to do with business, and everything to do with mothering a boy. Happy snow everyone!

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