Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you

I just want to say thank God (assuming She's out there) for women and the power of the Internet. Today, Marci Alboher, a writer and a blogger for The New York Times (and a woman I have never met) mentioned this blog in her Times column. It's been a very tough week, but I am trying hard to make lemonade out of lemons...thank you, Marci, for this heaping cup of sugar!

BUSINESS September 18, 2008 Shifting Careers: The Suburbs in Wall Street's Shadow Marci Alboher A suburban mom who is a former journalist blogs about the atmosphere in her suburban New Jersey town as Wall Street's unravels.


  1. Whaddya know? Laura's San Fran fortune cookie was right! You go, Girl! We salute you, Laura, along with our new friend Marci.

    Your adoring and loyal P-Rant Readers

  2. I found your column thru Marci's -- sorry I can't attend your writing class to help swell the numbers because you obviously are a good writer!
    good luck with everything that's going on around you and when it gets to be too much, go to the library and fall into a good book.

    Kelly Simmons
    author of Standing Still

  3. Laura

    Paying a visit after seeing Marci mentioned you.

    How will all this affect our lives?
    I don't know except that money will be tight.'

    I tried to sort out my thoughts in Is Now the Best Time to Explore New Ways to Make a Living?

    'The French Guy from New Jersey'

  4. Looking at the comment above from 1986 wellesleyrah...are you a Wellesley grad?
    Saw reference to your blog in print NYT and found it after a few attempts line about walking children to school and nearness of train station and thought...Short Hills. then your statement about the Station Stop made it a certainty..Is John's hairdresser still there?.So the Glenwood area...I was raised on Long Hill Dr...never realized the humor in the address...grad...Have been thinking about all the effects of this market crisis on the greater NY suburbs... said up here to no one in particular there is a big sucking sound of reduced net worth in those NYC suburbs that is hard for people elsewhere in the country to even comprehend.

  5. Hi Laura, fellow Wellesley grad...and Short Hills resident as a child...sorry to hear that the Station Stop was closed...have many memories of that place going back to the 1960's where I bought those wax mini soda bottles with sweet flavored "fruit" juice inside.
    My mother went to John' s hairdresser until she moved to NH in 2002 and sold the home we had lived in since 1952.
    I have been thinking about the town and others like it and the effect of this financial implosion.
    Last Monday morning after spending a weekend following the press releases of the talks trying to save Lehman I compared this damage that the country inflicted on itself akin to a terrorist attack...
    I have been frustrated since the cracks surfaced in the summer of 2007 with the unregulated nature of hedge funds and the totally opaque world of credit derivative swaps and wondered why we couldn't do something then.
    Jim Cramer of Summit has it right!

  6. Congratulations, Laura! That's a powerful mention, which you've clearly earned. Brava!
    I've just registered 4 yr JCC course! Only prob: The 1st class - tomorrow - overlaps w/ a previous commitment. I'll arrive at 5:30, but will need to slip out a bit early. Wanted to give you a heads-up, in case i'll miss something crucial.